3 Tips for Creating Effective Exhibition Banners

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Do your exhibition banners really stand out?


Eye-Catching Exhibition Banners

Regardless of how good your products or services are you still need something to grab the attention of passers by when you’re in a busy exhibition space or using banners for your reception areas. Exhibition banners are one of your most effective means of attracting a large number of possible customers and clients  – and they reflect on the quality of your goods and services, indeed your whole business! How well do your exhibition banners present your company? Below are 3 tips for you to consider when creating brilliant exhibition banners.


Use Large, Easy to Read Text

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Human faces attract our attention!


Your exhibition banner needs to provide accurate information about your business at a glance. No one will read your banner if they see long lines of text in a small or complex font. The same rule applies if there is too much information packed onto your banner. After all, less is more and the purpose of your banner is to catch the eye and interest a client, not to make the final sale. They can find out all other information about your business once you’ve made them curious. Using large, easy to read fonts will make your call-to-action message much more effective at getting their attention!


Rubbish Banners – Rubbish Business?

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Does your exhibition signage say the right things about your business?


Make sure that your exhibition banner does not look low in quality – this will grab the attention of your prospects for all the wrong reasons!

A banner could be the potential customer’s first sight of your business and you wouldn’t want to give them a poor first impression. If your banner isn’t up to scratch, passers-by will think your business isn’t either. Make sure it’s not dirty, torn, or made from low quality materials. It is vital to get yourself a high quality banner that will make the great impression you want to deliver.


Choosing the Right Design

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Think outside of the box for your exhibition print


There are many options to consider when choosing how to design an exhibition banner. The  amount of space you have at an event will typically dictate the size and style which is right for you. Ideally, you need an exhibition banner which is eye-catching yet isn’t so big it looks out of place or overwhelms its surroundings. Conversely, a banner which is far too small won’t grab as much attention as it could do, and will have far less of an impact. You should also use appropriate colours that will coincide with the mood you are trying to create, making your targeted audience react accordingly. If you’re looking for new inspiration for your exhibition print, try our free offer –  free design ideas to help find that perfect look for your exhibition banners that will help you to stand out in the crowd!