5 Great Marketing Tips for SMEs

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5 great Tips for SME Marketing


If you are running an SME, you are interested in many things we’re sure when it comes to your business, but today we are concentrating on just 5 Marketing tips to help you in that all important area of getting more customers!


Create a seminar on your product or service

If you have a new product or service, publicise it with a seminar. These are easy to organise now and with sites like EventBrite you can easily keep track of attendees. Publicise your seminar on Social Media sites, send out links and invitations to your customer database and highlight it in your company newsletter. You can even expand it into a webinar, or make it into a video to share. Which leads us nicely into …

Make a company video

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – videos are great for marketing your company. Google loves videos for SEO, customers love them as they can see your product or service in the round. Simple and cost effective video can be used to increase your sales and your profits. You can use videos to drive traffic to your website, add interest to your blogs and your Google+ and Facebook pages. Placing them on your LinkedIn Company page will also add interest.

Write a press release

Business blogs and local newspapers love content. Craft a well-written news release about your new product or service and send it to local newspapers and email to industry business blogs. A tip for submitting articles to business blogs – put as much information into the title as possible, and type the press release into the body, don’t add as a Word attachment.  Popular blogs get lots of submissions and the quicker they see your information the more likely they are to read it and hopefully feature it.

Collaborate with another business

Do you know of another non-competing local business who you could collaborate with? i.e. Make up and hairdressers, estate agents and removal firms, broadband supplier and PCs. See if you can put together a collaborative marketing plan to take advantage of each other’s databases and company newsletters.

Write an e-book

Put your expertise in your industry to good use & write an eBook that your customers will find useful. Publicise it across your Social Media platforms or give it away as a thank you to customers signing up for your newsletter or going on your mailing list. Put the download link in your email signature so that all your contacts can see it.

I hope that you find these tips helpful – have you used any of them in your business recently?




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