5 promotional printed must-haves for an exhibition

Promotional and Marketing Material Exhibitions

Marketing and Promotional Material


When you are exhibiting at a conference, trade show or roadshow, it’s very important to show your company and products off in the best light with your marketing and promotional material. Here is our guide to the five printed marketing and promotional material must-haves for your company.

Business Cards

Unfairly maligned and absolutely essential, the business card is the icebreaker of the exhibition world. Think of ways to make yours stand out – after all your prospective customer will be collecting business cards from every stand they visit.  If the show is a big one and you are expecting a lot of visitors, consider doing a special print run incorporating the graphics of the exhibition – reminding your customer where you met.  You can even add a QR code to the back of your business card. When the customer scans it, it can bring up a “We met at the X show” page, with details of all the products that were on your stand. How about adding your photo? And what do you most want the recipient to remember about you? Your name? Your company? Consider a design that emphasises the most important aspect. Most importantly, do you have a memorable strap line or message that will grab your prospect’s attention?


Whether given to customers to take away or used as a guide as you talk customers through your products or services, a well-designed, beautifully printed brochure is a must on your stand. It tells clients about your product and why they need it and after the show is a reminder to them of you and your product. How can you be creative with your message? How can your brochure be designed to resonate with your target at this particular exhibition?


Holding less information than a brochure, but much more than a business card, a leaflet is a great way of attracting attention and raising interest in your products. It can be used to pique the interest of your customer to find out just that little bit more, and to sign up for more information, a demo or as an entry to a draw. Great ways to collect your visitor’s email address to add to your database for future marketing.

Planning events – Display Stands

For smaller exhibitions and trade shows, these are ideal. Display stands instantly customise your space to be all about your company and product, catching your customer’s eye and hopefully making them want to know more about your product or service. Again – spend time on the actual message you use on this signage.

Planning Exhibition Graphics

In a space full of companies and exhibitors clamouring for the visitors’ attention, make sure that your stand sticks out with well designed and attractive backdrops.  Think a little bit differently and you can create a real talking point with your exhibition graphics. Why do the same as everyone else in your industry? How about setting the cat amongst the pigeons and thinking outside the box?


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