Banbury Printers Review 2014

Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Banbury Printers in 2014


2014 has been a very busy year for Banbury printers. We’ve launched exciting new products in collaboration with our partners; printed some really exciting new projects and provided marketing managers everywhere with copies of our Really Useful Print Guide. In this blog post we’ll be taking a look back at the 2014 highlights for Banbury printers in 2014.


Video Brochure Innovation


One of our most exciting developments in 2014 was our launch of video brochures in conjunction with digital marketing agency Saucy Horse. Video brochures are the perfect marriage of traditional and modern marketing techniques. They’re perfect if you’re pitching to a potential client and want to show your business off in the best possible light. An excellent option is to make a bespoke client for each individual company that you pitch to, which offers a real wow factor and could substantially increase your chances of landing a contract.


Packaging to the rescue!

Spiderman Packaging Printers

Well maybe not quite but we were delighted to print the packaging for a range of children’s baking products featuring both Spiderman and a range of Disney Princess characters. These packaging products were one of our printing case studies this year alongside other posts discussing the future of business cards and the direct mailing strategies that you need to succeed which proved particularly popular on social media!


Don’t forget the print guide

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a little early Christmas present then may we suggest our Really Useful Print Guide? It’ll make designing, specifying and ordering print an absolute breeze in 2015. It contains samples of all the paper types and finishes that we offer as well as a guide to specifying the colour and look of your finished product.


2014 has been a very exciting year at this particular Banbury printers and we’re even more excited about what’s to come in 2015. Thanks for your company in 2014 and we’re really looking forward to seeing you again next year.