Business gifts for your customers: Desk Accessories

Novelty Eraser desk accessories calendar printers

Desk Accessories as Business Gifts



Desk accessories as business gifts are a great way to ensure your brand stays in your customers’ eyeline, in some cases for as long as 12 months!

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites and, to be honest, some downright bizarre examples to make up our top 3 desk accessories as business gifts for 2015. Read on, and see what you make of our choices.


A USB Powered Anything

Desk Accessories - The USB flower

USB gadgets, as they are known, went through a peculiar vogue a few years ago. For a brief period it was possible to buy USB coffee mug warmers, USB fans and (our personal favourite) USB dancing flowers. It’s been a while since we’d heard from the USB dancing flower but our painstaking research indicates that it is alive and well (and significantly more glowing than when we last encountered it). Do be aware of the double edged sword of branding anything that sings. Your recipient may love it but their colleagues may be slightly less keen. You want your business associated with things your clients likes!


A Calendar

Technique business calendar printing for 2015

Phone calendars are great at reminding you about events but they’re still just too fiddly to be used for quickly checking dates – and we all do that every day. If you need to know what day of the week the 14th of April will be, or when Easter is next year, a desk calendar is still the best way of finding out. Luckily we’re pretty experienced when it comes to calendars and recently rounded up some of our favourites.

Since then we’ve launched a fabulous special offer! If you order  desk calendars or hanging wall calendars before the end of November (there’s not long left) you’ll receive a £50 voucher to spend on any of our products before 31st January 2015. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to arrange a business gift that will also help with your marketing!


Novelty business gifts

Novelty Eraser desk accessories calendar printers

The original and the best. ‘Novelty’ desk accessories have been around for years but really took over in the 80s and 90s when you couldn’t move for novelty computer mice (that were actually impossible to use), that singing fish everyone seemed to have and of course, our old friend, the novelty eraser. The example above is the cutest we could find out there on the internet but we specifically remember a puppy eraser which was even cuter…


That wraps up our rapid round-up of desk accessories. Are you heading out now to buy a novelty eraser for those of of your customers who use pencils in their day to day work? Will you be ordering a calendar? Are you digging that USB mug warmer out of a drawer? We hope we’ve given you a little inspiration for Christmas gifts for your clients and a little giggle. Let us know your favourite desk accessories in the comments.