Business Print : Printing Company catalogues for your business marketing

Business Print : Printing Company catalogues for your business marketing

Business Print : Company Catalogues

When it comes to business print do you use catalogues to showcase your products to your clients and customers as part of your business marketing?

If you have a large range of products or services, a well presented and high quality printed listing in a glossy – or perhaps matte  laminate finish if that’s what rocks your boat 😉 –  is the best way to showcase what you have,  and to generate sales from interested parties. Most catalogues include images (unless they’re really boring)  as well as descriptive text, so it’s important to ensure that they are clear, representative and of course the right colour! All of these are key and part of the printers’ job is to to make sure this is all as it should be. Images need to be high quality from the outset so it’s always a good idea to have professional shots done of your product range – or at the very least to ensure you use a good digital camera which produces high resolution files. Then it’s over to the printing company you work with to ensure perfect reproduction of the artwork and the images.

Generating Increased Sales with business catalogues

Clearly, catalogues are an excellent way of making your customers, both existing and new prospects, aware of your whole range. A printed catalogue can be sent out with every order, so that the customer sees what else you have that they might like to order next time. Consider printing a QR Code on the back or in a prominent place on the catalogue – you can use them to drive customers to another offer on your website or to a landing page which can generate you further related sales.

By the same token, this is even more important if you are sending out catalogues in response to enquiries over the internet or over the phone – it’s key that your catalogue is well laid out and groups related products with suggested upsells – so that you maximise the amount of money each of your customers spend with you. It’s worth briefing a designer with your needs and using a company that understands the marketing side of things as well as the printing.

DIY Catalogue design on Publisher

It’s easy these days to get a software package that will offer you a layout for a catalogue. However, these are by definition, one size fits all. A catalogue that is easy to read and well designed will give an excellent impression of your business and your product range. A poorly designed layout will have the opposite effect. Most printing companies who have experience in printing catalogues should be able to show you examples and to impress you with their experience – they may even have templates that can be adapted by in-house designers and save you both time and money.

Cheap Print : Pay Peanuts – Get Monkeys

We would always recommend shopping around until you find a printer who comes highly recommended – one that you have confidence in. A business catalogue is a major marketing item for a company and it’s worth asking for testimonials for any printer you are thinking of working with. Cheapest is not always best when it comes to important marketing material that represents your business – ensure you know the sort of work that your printer turns out, and work out what you can justify in terms of cost of catalogue against expected return – how much business your customers will give you over their lifetime.

You will always end up with the quality you pay for when it comes to print – so if this is a piece of marketing material that will be sitting on your customer’s desk for weeks or months to come, make sure it says what you want it to say about you and your business!


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