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Improve opt-in marketing rates – Marketing matters

Improve opt-in marketing rates

In a perfect world, and in our marketing dreams, we would improve opt-in marketing rates to 100%.  Doesn’t that sound lovely!

Unfortunately we have no magic wand that can do that, but we …

Marketing Objectives in 2014 – Marketing Matters

Meeting Marketing Objectives

Marketing objectives 2014

Are you taking advantage of the start of a new month and a new year and reviewing your marketing objectives and strategy? If you’d like some tips on getting the most …

Marketing Matters – Small Businesses & Effective Marketing on a Budget


Making the most of a marketing budget


John Lewis may have spent £7 million on their Christmas The Hare & The Bear campaign, but most companies will be making the most of a smaller marketing budget. …

Marketing Matters – When did you last spring clean your business marketing?

Up-to-date marketing materials


This might not sound as if it has a lot to do with up-to date marketing materials, but stick with me. I was reading an article about decluttering today, and it talked about …

Designing for print? 5 tips for designers


Graphic design for print

We see gorgeous examples of graphic design through our doors, but when it comes to designing for print, sometimes client-supplied designs need a little tweaking to make them suitable for print. Sometimes …

Marketing Matters – What makes a great print ad campaign?

Picture by Harold Feinstein Photography


Great print ad campaigns

When planning a marketing campaign, especially when you would like a great print ad campaign that really stands out, pictures are normally commissioned around the theme of the ad. …

Printing: Personal Branding – What you need to know about Business Cards

Business cards for your company


Are you thinking of updating or ordering business cards for your company? How are your current  business cards looking?  If you have seen some recent TV ads for a mass printing …

Marketing Matters – How to create an effective email marketing strategy

Email Marketing


With the re-jigging of the Gmail inbox streaming emails into different folders it is now even harder to get your marketing emails read. The importance of content in an effective email marketing …

Marketing Matters – How to make your business stand out in your sector

Stand out in your sector


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to You!

In what is often a crowded market, regardless of …

Marketing Matters – 5 ways to market on a low budget

Low marketing budget?

If you are faced with a low or even non-existent marketing budget, don’t despair. There are still ways to make your company marketing stand out and get your company noticed without having to …