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Marketing Matters – Offer Great Customer Service & boost profits

Great Customer Service


The best marketing is free marketing. That’s where great customer service comes in.  Some companies receive great word-of-mouth publicity just by being the best at offering above-and-beyond customer service

John Lewis

Remember the …

Marketing Matters – How does your Marketing answer your customers’ questions?

Marketing to answer your customer’s questions


Everything that companies do in terms of effective marketing, from the very first ideas that are kicked around, to the campaign activity that results from that, depends on how well …

Marketing Matters – Creative marketing with catalogues



Using Catalogues In Marketing


Is more thought going into online listing of product rather than printed catalogues? There is definitely a place for both – and a way to increase your marketing ROI.

Direct Marketing

Digital catalogues may …

Marketing Matters – Should marketers still use direct mail?


Will Direct Mail Get You More Business?



As more marketing moves online, companies may wonder whether direct mail will contribute to winning more business. Central Mailing Services has a great infographic that breaks down UK Direct …

Marketing matters – Bringing print to life with Oxfordshire’s finest printers



Printing Services for connoisseurs



Are you a connoisseur of printing and design services when it comes to your marketing materials? We want you to be really effective in your sales and marketing spend and have set up all our …

Marketing matters – Creating a powerful poster campaign



Successful Marketing Campaigns


What makes a poster marketing campaign a successful one? Firstly, you have to identify the market, message and media for your campaign. Who are you talking to? Who is your prospect? What’s the message …

Marketing Managers: Business Printing – Putting together a design brief


Print design brief


Print design is the public face of your company, and you want to avoid print design that doesn’t represent your business in the right light. The picture above was drawn up in two …

Business Printing – Putting together a brief for your printer



Giving your printer a brief for print

Are you looking to have some business stationery – brochures, display stands, exhibition print  graphics &  stationery, etc – printed? Would you like to know what information you need …

Marketing your company – how up-to-date is your company business brochure



Professional Business Brochures


The first thing that a customer will do when looking at prospective new suppliers is check out their website.  However, if the first contact is made via a trade show, or if the contact goes …

Should you ever work for free in business?

Should you work for free?


It’s a tough one – Should you ever work for free in business? Is it wise to donate your services for free? There is of course a value to your work, your …