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How a male stripper could revitalise YOUR advertising – Radio 2 Outdoor Advertising Campaign

We love this campaign! It’s how Radio 2 were grabbing the attention of passers by with their outdoor print advertising campaign on progressive billboards, back in 2011.

The campaign featured by the Inspiration Room …

More Tips on How to Make your Marketing Personal – & boost the results!

Personalise your marketing


I hope the last blog post on https://www.techniqueprint.co.uk/blog/quick-tips-on-how-to-make-your-marketing-personal-boost-the-results” target=”_blank”>marketing tips helped you make your marketing more personal. If it inspired you, here are a few more tips.

Write A Business Book

Why not aim high, …

Marketing Tips – How To Set Goals & ensure Your Website is open for business

Your Website – Open For Business?


What goals have you set for your website? A well-designed, intuitive-to-navigate website is key in keeping customers on your site without them giving up in frustration or clicking off because …