Christmas Card Printing Guide

Christmas Card printing 2014 guide and prices

All About Christmas Card Printing


It’s November now, which means that it’s (just about) ok for us to talk about Christmas! For us here at Technique Print, Christmas means two things: calendars, which we covered in last week’s blog post and Christmas cards, which we’ll be taking a closer look at this week.


Why Print Christmas Cards?

Company Christmas cards are a great way of reminding customers about what you do at the end of the year. You can thank them for their custom and loyalty, tell them about your plans for 2015 and your greatest successes in 2014. Christmas card printing should form a part of any company’s annual marketing strategy


Designing a Christmas Card

As anyone who has been Christmas card shopping will know there’s no shortage of available designs these days. You need to choose whether to be traditional, featuring for instance a snowy scene, or more corporate. The decision depends largely on who you are sending your Christmas cards to. If you are principally a B2B business then a more corporate image might be appropriate. If you’re principally dealing with consumers however it’s better to have a card that blends in with personal Christmas cards. That way it’s more likely that the card will end up in a nice Christmas display rather than in the bin.


Be Truly Personal

It’s increasingly possible to personalise the message when you’re Christmas card printing. This doesn’t mean just changing the name inside the card but also the message. You can categorise customers depending on what they bought, who they deal with (a card from the person they deal with most often rather than the CEO of the company is likely to go down better) and their relationship with you. If you have access to this data then it’s a good idea to  use it when Christmas card printing.


We hate to say it but there are only 7 weeks left until Christmas and time is running out to arrange your Christmas card printing. Contact us today for information about our Christmas card printing service and a quote.