Christmas Marketing Ideas – Don’t Just Send Cards!

christmas marketing ideas

Unusual Christmas marketing ideas

Last week on this blog, we talked about printing Christmas cards that will stand out from the rest. However, cards are far from the only option you have when it comes to marketing at Christmas. There are several, more innovative ideas that you can use to make an impact and speak to your customers all year round. Remember, these Christmas marketing ideas aren’t just for Christmas.

Spend 366 days with your customers

Christmas Marketing Ideas

Many Christmas cards sent to offices will spend about a month stuck to a wall or sitting on a table. Not many people will look at them and they’ll go straight in the bin as soon as everyone arrives back in January. Printing calendars can help you to avoid this pitfall but remember, you’re probably competing with several other calendars, so what can you do to make sure you end up on their desk?

3 tips to make them choose you

  • Don’t just talk about yourself – You should certainly put some sort of call to action on your calendar but that doesn’t mean that it should be totally filled with pictures of your products or team! Put in interesting images that will make them want to look at the calendar.
  • Don’t make anything too big! – your calendar needs to sit on desk, among brochures, coffee cups, reports and dozens of other items. A big, bulky calendar will be cast aside in January. A smaller one is more likely to survive the year!
  • Days of the week are important – What day is the 18th of December? (it’s a Friday). What will the date be 4 weeks 0n Monday? Your calendar holds the answer to all of these questions that office workers all over the country ask every single day. Make the days of the week big and obvious so a quick scan of your calendar is all they need to do to find the answer!


Pop your message in the post

People love receiving a surprise in the post, especially in the run-up to Christmas, so a piece of bulky mail marketing could be ideal in the run-up to Christmas. The only limit is your imagination. You could send Christmas tree decorations (although do keep in mind, they will suffer from the same drawbacks as Christmas cards) or something more innovative. The right idea really depends on your type of business and the customer but if you’re looking for a few ideas to get started then get in touch with our print marketing experts. We’d be delighted to have a brainstorming session with you!


If you want to put these Christmas marketing ideas into practice then you’ll need to hurry! The big day is less than 4 weeks away. Get in touch with our friendly printing team today and we’ll help you put something together that will easily outlast the festive season.