Designing a University Prospectus

Designing a University Prospectus

print and design a university propsectus

Designing a University Prospectus – our top tips!

Designing a university prospectus can be a sizeable project. As well as providing important information, your prospectus needs to reflect the image and personality of your university. When designing a university prospectus, it is important that you demonstrate what your university stands for. Our recent projects for printing university prospectuses and technical brochures have received rave reviews –

“We deliberately aimed for a brochure with a set of qualities that would make people sit up and think ‘this company does something unique’. This required a complicated print job – and not only did Technique do this for us, and do it brilliantly – they also produced it on a very tight schedule.”

– Oxford Analytica

“I’ve just received a copy of the Annual Review and just wanted to say how thrilled we are with the result. Exactly what I was hoping for! Very many thanks indeed to you all for ensuring the best possible result”

Said Business School

We take a look at 5 top tips to keep in mind when designing a university prospectus or indeed any brochure.

Professionally Written

Your prospectus must be professionally written. This might sound a bit obvious, but when selling a university or an area, you should avoid cliches and hire a copywriter who can write in the voice of your potential students and their parents. The point of a prospectus is to show why your university is better than others. That said, it is important for you to remain factual. Do not mislead people. One way to avoid misleading your potential customers when mentioning some not so positive parts of your university or school is to have a ‘You Said, We Did…” section to highlight improvements you are making or have made.

Appropriate Design

When you start designing a university prospectus, it is important to consider the key strengths of the school. If you pride yourself on providing creative courses and graphic design courses, be more adventurous with a layout. If your university is stronger in the maths or science fields, a more traditional design is appropriate. Either way, the university prospectus must be easy to follow, and has to be laid out in an easy to read format.

Area Specific

When designing a university prospectus, it is important not only to sell the university, but the area too. Which university to attend is a big decision and it is important that you sell the city or town as well as the campus. You must provide reassurance that the student is making the right choice in coming to your university. Tell them what the local area is like and put yourself in their shoes. What will they want to know? It is also important to point out things like transport links and the facilities available to them in the local town or area.

Excellent Photography

Another thing that may seem a tad obvious is that the photography used when designing a university prospectus needs to be top notch. This is an important document, so use a professional photographer with state of the art equipment. It’s useful if you can see their portfolio of work beforehand to make sure the style of their photography will match your design ideas

Include Testimonials

It is your job to tell your prospective students that your university is awesome! This is expected when they read your prospectus. There is an air of authority if previous students say that they had a great time at your university. Having a series of testimonials on your prospectus will also allow new students to see what life is really like at your university.

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