Digital Media vs Print: Has digital media done for print advertising?

digital media vs print advertising

Google print ad – Surely not ?!

Digital Media vs Print

Even in this age of digital media, print ads still have the power to persuade. Print ads give you the ability to reach your audience of potential customers, in places where they will see them – roadside billboards, buses, bus stops, books, magazines, outside poster sites, tube trains, leaflets, brochures…

Why Google turned to print advertising

We’ve heard people talk about how print is dying. From where we are sitting, print is alive and well and still serves its purpose. Google proved it.

Google, the search engine giant took an ad out in Canada globe and Mail’s, as well as in the National Post, the Globe’s main competitor. Many people believed this was a statement by Google to “the offline world” proving “print’s on it’s way out”.

Was this Google’s “in your face” way of making a point to the print industry? Was the ad really supposed to show that print ads don’t work?

Print ads for digital products

Google spent over a million dollars in print advertising in 2012.  They reinforced their value to socially minded marketing people who probably smiled when they saw the ad. They also got the attention of the people who need someone to explain to them “Why Google?” as part of their marketing activity – people who may  not be using the digital world to consume all their content.

Google is one of the world’s most successful businesses – they make decisions based on successful results from their marketing spend.

If print advertising can work for Google, surely it has a place in the marketing campaigns for most other businesses. After all, it’s about getting the attention of your audience in the places where they hang out – and most of our customers (whatever we sell) still hang out in places other than online environments, at some point in their lives!

Digital media vs print advertising – You decide…

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