Digital Printers in Oxfordshire install new digital print facility

Digital Printers in Oxfordshire

New Digital printers in Oxfordshire

We’ve always been proud of the quality of our printing, investing heavily in new technology and printing equipment. Our decision to invest further in digital printers in Oxfordshire is based on the market – digital printing is showing signs of being just as popular as our litho printing.

Technique Print Adds Digital Print from Apex

Thanks to Apex Digital Graphics for the write up on their website.

Technique Print Group, Banbury, Oxfordshire, has announced the installation of a new Konica Minolta C6000 digital printing solution. The machine was sold, installed and will be supported by Apex Digital Graphics, Hemel Hempstead and Leeds, a UK distributor to printers for Konica Minolta and the official UK distributor of Ryobi offset printing presses.

Commenting on the decision to add its own digital solution, Karl Smith, Managing Director of Technique Print Group, said: “Whilst the company maintained its litho focus, a growing percentage of work handled has suited digital production – either due to run length or a personalisation requirement – that we were having to outsource. This purchase will bring all of that digital work in-house, giving us total control over the production process.The company had held off taking the plunge into digital for quite a while. Technique Print Group has been known for its graphic design capabilities and quality litho printing for many years.

Understanding Print

“We looked at a whole host of the main digital equipment suppliers, including Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Xerox, and Canon – some of them more than once but from different distributors. Konica Minolta and Apex came out on top for us. The Konica Minolta equipment was, in our opinion, the most capable, but Apex made the real difference, because they understand print and have people who are able to look at a digital machine from a printer’s perspective.

They also illustrate how serious they are about digital by having a machine in their own showroom, rather than using the manufacturers facilities, and by developing a full technical support structure of their own.

A supplier that understands your needs

“This wasn’t the cheapest solution that we saw – but then the right equipment and the right supplier is more critical than just the price. Cost of the product is important, of course, but the purchase has to be right and the supplier has to be able to look after you as a customer. You need a supplier that understands your needs, and one that is going to be here tomorrow as well.”

By bringing the work currently being outsourced back under its own roof the company will be close to covering the cost of the new equipment. “We have plenty of work to get the new kit off to a flying start, but we can now actively sell digital print as a service as well,” said Karl Smith. “We know that existing customers have work more suited to digital that we believe we can win. I have no doubts that this investment will pay for itself extremely quickly.”

Digital Printers in Oxfordshire

We love our new machine and what it does already! It’s proven to be a fantastic addition to our existing machines, and we can only go from strength to strength in meeting and exceeding the digital printing needs of our customers,  now that we can offer short runs and fast turnaround.