Does Direct Mail Still Work in 2014?

Does Direct Mail still work in 2014?

Big Question: Does Direct Mail Still Work?


We recently posted an article pointing out that the death of the business card has been greatly exaggerated. It got us thinking. What other modern marketing ‘truisms’ are wild exaggerations? It brought us to an article in Marketing Week asking Is Direct Mail Finally Dead? The answer, we were pleased to discover, is a definite NO! Why? Because direct mail still brings in customers and leads and is an efficient way of using your marketing budget.


Who is Using Direct Mail?

Of course the full answer to the question ‘does direct mail still work?’ depends, like so much else in marketing, on your audience and who you’re trying to reach. According to Forbes direct mail is particularly effective in reaching two groups in particular that you would struggle to reach otherwise.

  • Affluent males
  • People over the age of 50

One of the most interesting opportunities in direct mail is using your online presence alongside your direct mail. Send a catalogue and offer a discount for ordering online. Send recipients of your direct mail to a unique page on your website with special offers. The key to a good piece of direct mail is anticipating your customers’ questions and making it easy for them  to take the next step.


Who Reads Direct Mail?

In 2012, according to the Online Marketing Institute direct mail had the highest conversion rate of all forms of marketing. 65% of US consumers have made a purchase as a result of direct mail. This compares to an email response rate of just 0.12%.Put simply, direct mail works and is well worth incorporating in your campaigns. What’s more, these response rates are not dropping, in fact they’ve begun to increase again in recent years after a decade or so of stagnation.

It’s pretty clear that, despite what some people think, the answer to the question does direct mail still work? is a resounding yes. It is more than worthy of remaining a part of your marketing arsenal in 2014 and beyond.