Exhibitions : How to attract more visitors to your stand

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Get more exhibition visitors


Do you regularly exhibit at trade shows or events? If you do, you’ll know how tricky it can be to attract people to your stand. As we said in our recent article about business cards, you’ll know that you only get one chance at a first impression. This is just as true when it comes to your exhibition stand. In this article, we’ll cover techniques that you can use to attract more visitors to your stand – allowing you to talk to more prospects and generate more leads for your business.

Top tips for exhibition marketing

Make them come to you

As with any marketing activity, it’s essential that you understand what you’re trying to achieve through your exhibition appearance. Are you trying to sign up new leads, sell a product directly to the public or simply raise the visibility of your brand? All of these questions should inform your decisions when it comes to designing your exhibition stand.

Your stand should invite people over and be visible from across a major hallway. Just like a good internet marketing campaign your stand should qualify your prospects. The message should resonate with the kind of people you want to visit your stand. You don’t want to waste hours of your time talking to people who have no interest in your product or service.


Size isn’t everything

Small exhibition stands can be just as effective with large ones if your design team is as clear on your objectives as you are. Don’t see your budget as a barrier. Being clear on your objective and having a simple message that can appear on your stand is the key to your success – not the amount of money that you’re able to spend.

Stage a trial run

Before you go to your exhibition, try and stage a trial run. Set up a stand in the foyer of your office, or any other location you have access to that has a high level of footfall. This will not only allow you to test your stand and the effectiveness of your design, it will also allow the staff to practice the techniques that will attract more people to your stand at the exhibition and increase their confidence before the event.


Spread the word beforehand

It’s easier to attract visitors to your stand if they know that you’re there before they even arrive. Target the people who you know will be coming and invite them beforehand. Give them a reason to come and see you. Send out leaflets to your best prospects that can be exchanged for a cup of tea or coffee or even a glass of champagne on your stand. After a long day walking around the exhibition, they’re bound to come for a visit.

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