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What is the Really Useful Print Guide?

It can be hard to come across free marketing resources that are truly beneficial to you. Here at Technique we’ve developed a Really Useful Print Guide that does exactly what it says on the can. It’s a whopping multi page guide full of touchy feely print finishes for you to get your hands on – sounds really useful, doesn’t it? We think our Really Useful Print Guide is one of the most essential free marketing resources currently available to marketing managers and designers, and here’s why…


Free marketing resource – raising expectations!

You may have found before that some free marketing resources fall short of your expectations – simply because they are free. This certainly isn’t the case with the Really Useful Print Guide. We’ve put big effort into creating something that we are proud to give you and that we’re sure you will find useful in  your marketing role or as a buyer of print services. You’ll find a range of high quality finishes on every page – from plain to textured, coated to uncoated – to give you loads of ideas on how to spruce up your print materials .It also showcases all of the specialist printing finishes that we can apply to your brochures and folders, including the latest laminates and varnishes.


Who is it for?

The Really Useful Print Guide is absolutely ideal for both marketing professionals and designers alike. Another invaluable feature you may not find in other free marketing resources is the ability to select the paper by feel and weight. You can choose the perfect combination for your brochure, booklet, catalogue or any other print project you’re working on. Our guide really does try it’s very best to cater for all your design and marketing print needs.


Where can I get one?

If you are a marketing or design professional you can order a FREE Really Useful Print Guide today! Unfortunately we can only send the print guide to addresses within the UK.

We hope that you will love our free print guide just as much as we do! Why not follow our Twitter page to stay updated with all our latest news and free marketing resources?