Great Print Marketing Ideas from the 60s

Great print marketing ideas 2014

Print Marketing Ideas – Blast From the Past!


Sometimes, when you’re looking for great print marketing ideas it’s worth taking a step back and looking at ideas from the past. Thanks to the success of Mad Men, 60s advertising is very cool again. That’s why, when we saw this collection of great 60s adverts, we thought we’d pick out a few of our favourites and explain what makes them such great print marketing ideas.


Ask A Question

Great Print Marketing Ideas 2014

Thankfully modern digital printing means that we no longer have to worry about how many colours we print on a poster. However it’s the idea behind this poster that gets it onto our list of great print marketing ideas. It asks a question and the answer, while obvious when you think about it, is unexpected. If you can surprise your audience like this then they’re far more likely to remember your company and your message. This strategy is particularly effective if you use unusual printing techniques like embossed paper or raised lettering. You can find out all about these printing methods in our Really Useful Print Guide


Be Bold with Text

Great Print Design Ideas 2014 - Bold Text

Now that it’s straightforward to print millions of colours on a page some print designers forget how effective bold, well written text is. The poster above is, despite what it says, an excellent piece of copywriting, since the message sticks in your head and is not drowned out by other parts of the poster. The poster’s designers knew exactly what message they wanted their audience to remember and made it the focus of the poster. This approach remans equally effective today.


Sometimes Simplicity Wins

Great Print Design Ideas 2014


If you take time to consider some of the most successful advertising campaigns in history, simplicity is a recurring theme – at least amongst the most successful.

As with the previous example we’ve shown, this poster has been created with a clear message in mind – one that is not obscured by overly complex imagery or layout. The designer has created a print advertisement that communicates its message effectively – there are no distractions from that message.

Hopefully these retro print marketing ideas have given you a little inspiration. Thankfully getting your ideas printed is a lot easier than it once was! Our poster printing service makes it very straightforward to print your posters. Get in touch for a quote and any help you may need. We look forward to hearing from you!