Interactive print ads that’ll make your jaw drop – part 2

Inspiring interactive print ads

Creativity is blossoming in the world of print advertising, so much so that this is our second blog of inspiring interactive print ads. We just can’t get enough of them! Brands have proven that print is NOT a snooze topic, showing that paper ads have made great progress and can be just as engaging as TV commercials.

4) CinePrint technology from Lexus


Print is print and digital is digital, right? Seem’s not. We love this print ad from THEDRUM’s blog. Lexus, the creators of the ad, show how print and digital are a match made in heaven.

“Staid print ads could soon be given a fresh lease of multimedia life following the introduction of new CinePrint technology from Lexus. Used to bring the Lexus 2013 ES to life it entails syncing the ad with an iPad before placing the device under the page – a synchronised display then shines through the paper to allow the car’s headlights to switch on, its wheels to spin and a psychedelic background to roll past.”

interactive print ads

5) Kontor Records cardboard turntable

Via The Operators

Who says there’s no innovation in print advertising? We love this interactive print ad featured in The Operators blog. Kontor records uses turn tables to turn heads!

“Faced with engaging advertising creative directors who normally throw promo CDs straight in the bin, dance music label Kontor decided to turn to vinyl to catch the attention of this hard to reach audience. Upon opening the delivery box recipients found a vinyl record, plus their own “office turntable” to play it on. Using a QR code link on a smartphone, you can “play” the record on the turntable. The result? 71% of recipients visited the link (a 64% increase on the usual response rate).”

6) NIVEA: Solar Ad Charger

Via digitalbuzz

Nivea strikes again! First was the Nivea Sun Kids Protection Ad, and now this! Digitalbuzz explains more about Nivea’s genius idea!

“This campaign hype reel has really gained some traction over the last 48 hours, and it’s for NIVEA, who’ve created a Solar Powered iPhone Charger Print Ad to promote their ‘Sun’ line of products… Whilst this is completely genius as a utility, I’m actually pretty confused as to how/why it relates to NIVEA’s sun protection products!? I just can’t connect the dots, maybe it’s just been a long day! Either way, it looks like NIVEA have spent a chunk of money making this, or it’s a very limited run! Full marks for doing something absolutely amazing in print.”

Print ads are an effective way of distributing a powerful message and showcasing your products – as you can see above! If you’re looking to take your print marketing to the next level, then video brochures are the way to go! If you’d like more marketing inspiration, why not sign up for our free Really Useful Print Guide for Marketing Professionals and Designers here.