Logo designs that defined 2016

Logo designs & trends that shaped 2016

When building a brand, it’s important to consider the impact of your logo – no one wants their business to look dated or anything else they don’t want it to be! 2016 was the year of redesigns. From the controversial to the clever, brands took a gamble with flat design, colour and everything in-between. Without further ado, here we round-up the biggest logo designs of 2016.


logo designs

If there’s one trend that has defined 2016 it is the revisionist logo. Looking back to look forward. It is something that brands including Co-op, NatWest and Kodak have all embraced.


logo designs

NatWest’s logo is made up of three interlocking cubes. It represents the coming together of the National Provincial Bank, Westminster Bank and District Bank. The cubes originally appeared in the company’s 1968 brand guideline manual, and have formed the basis of the new graphic design book.


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Deliveroo had designs on being internationally recognisable when it worked with Design Studio to rethink its logo, which is now fronted by a new character – the roo.

“What we landed on was an evolution from our original and more literal take on the kangaroo, turning it into a striking new mark – bold and impactful, but still maintaining the character and charm of the Roo. Importantly, this new Roo gave us a series of angles that would help the rest of our graphic system take shape. A system that would run across everything, from our site to our rider kit.” 

– Deliveroo design team


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With over 400 million users, and 80 million photos and videos uploaded to the app every single day, Instagram’s redesign is sure to cause a few waves in the online community. The company itself says it reflects how “vibrant and diverse your storytelling has become”.

Premier League

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Although not a young brand, the Premier League was given a new identity – again by Design Studio – as it set its sights on broadcasters around the world.


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Uber’s new app icons

When Uber redesigned its own logo in-house it was motivated by its global operation and how it is perceived internationally. The brand now has a series of patterns for different territories.

Will your logo designs make a difference in 2017?

Your branding needs to work across all areas of your marketing. From your business card to your website, and from your exhibition banners to your vehicle signage.

Your logo and branding needs to reflect the business you are. Your logo, style and colours should be consistent throughout your promotional marketing. A bit of work beforehand, a defined brief to your graphic designer, and you should end up with a logo that represents your business and one that you can be proud of. Talk to our design experts if you’d like some advice or a logo design review in 2017.