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Packaging is your product’s calling card. It’s the thing that makes it stand out from all your competitors on the shelf. It’s the place where you show what your brand is and what you do. It’s the way you connect with your potential customers. To make the very best impression it’s vital that you find the correct packaging printers. A great way to get packaging inspiration is to look at what other companies are doing. That’s why we’ve put together this packaging printers case study to help you create a truly standout piece of packaging and just to make your stomachs rumble all of our examples today are food packaging. Tuck in!


What Makes Your Product Appeal?

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This packaging we printed, for cupcake making kits aimed at kids are a great example of how companies can leverage a great brand as part of their packaging design. For this product the packaging is key. The thing that differentiates one product from another is the design and characters. Before this client chose a packaging printers they knew that the key was to create packaging that would stand out on a supermarket shelf full of products. This was achieved by using familiar characters, logos and eye-catching colours.

This is a key consideration before you choose a packaging printers. What makes your product appeal? What will make your customer make a buying decision?


How do you Differentiate Within a Range?

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If there are 10, 20 or even more products within a particular range then considering how you differentiate between products within the range. This range of herbs, spices and other seasonings uses a common packaging design and font but radically alters the packaging in almost all other ways. This increases the consumer’s familiarity with the particular product they buy and makes it very easy for them to grab their favourite product without having to concentrate or read labels. The more familiar you make your product and the easier it is to identify, the more likely they are to make repeat purchases.


These are just some of our recent packaging printers case studies. You’ll find plenty more on our packaging page. If you’d like to discuss things in depth and see some more examples then please feel free to contact us and we’d be delighted to send you more examples of our work.