Market, Message, Media – why the legwork needs to come first

successful marketing

Successful Marketing


Have you ever wondered why some of your marketing is not bringing you the results you might like? Successful Marketing is all about process – Market, Message, Media – in that order!

Market Message Media


So what do we mean? Well, you need to follow the basic law of any successful marketing activity and start with identifying your market. Who is it that you want to sell to? And don’t say “everyone”. Mass marketing is dead, I promise you… the most successful and profitable marketing campaigns are targeted to a very pin point audience. Once you have profiled & understand exactly who you are talking to, that’s when you think about the message.

What Media best suits my Message?


And then it all falls into place – because once you have the message that you want to deliver to your market, you’re in the right place to think about HOW you will deliver it. That can then inform the decisions you take on how your website looks, and most importantly, what it needs to do – how it will ensure that visitors take the action you want them to. Your direct mail leaflets can be copy written with a really clear message that you know will resonate with your prospects. Your company brochures and catalogues can be designed and printed to ensure they help you achieve your marketing goals.

It’s not rocket science – but it does get missed by many business owners and marketers who jump the gun and create their marketing materials without doing the legwork first.

If we can help you translate your message into a thing of printed beauty – just let us know!



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