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Using posters in your marketing



Successful Marketing Campaigns


What makes a poster marketing campaign a successful one? Firstly, you have to identify the market, message and media for your campaign. Who are you talking to? Who is your prospect? What’s the message you wish to convey and what media will you use to convey it? A charity could be looking to raise money or awareness, or trying to get people to sign up to a register or campaign. Companies will be advertising their goods or services; political parties raising awareness of their policies or pointing out flaws in their rivals’ policies. A poster campaign involves planning from  the outset – how do you make sure that you get a good  return on investment?

Powerful Poster Campaigns

The main picture above is from a recent Bristol Council campaign aimed at dog owners. It is certainly a powerful message – it provokes disgust which is the aim of the campaign. It does it without annoying responsible dog owners and will also spur those who do not own a dog into action – after seeing this people may be more likely to request that dog mess be picked up.

It has sparked conversation on twitter, on other social media and in the local and national press. In this instance, the power of the image in the poster campaign has definitely worked in raising awareness of the issue. Time will tell whether it has improved the original problem.

Using posters in your marketing

If you are thinking of using posters in your marketing, – as with all marketing – think about the message but also about the location. Where will your posters be seen? Where is the best place to site your posters to get the largest amount of visibility in your target market?

Poster campaigns and design

Work with your designer and printer on your design brief and print brief. Both your designer and printer will advise you on images, white space and text – you don’t want to drown out your visuals or your message, and a poster requires different design elements to a printed brochure or leaflet for instance.

Examples of great poster campaigns

What examples can you think of of poster campaigns that really worked in grabbing your attention or raising sales?

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