Marketing Matters – How to create an effective email marketing strategy

Email Marketing

Email Marketing


With the re-jigging of the Gmail inbox streaming emails into different folders it is now even harder to get your marketing emails read. The importance of content in an effective email marketing strategy is now even higher.

Tips for email marketing

It used to be that special offers and information about a company were effective emails. They still are but if your open rates are falling it may be time to look at another option. Supplying good quality, helpful information to your database about subjects that are important to them may be the way forward rather than out and out sales emails time after time.

Marketing emails to your database

Ask yourself some very simple questions

  • What issues are my customers interested in?
  • What problems are affecting my customers?
  • What new information would help my customers?

Answer these questions and draw up subject matter for your emails.  Supply help and information, link your customers to other sites that also offer helpful topics, interview business experts on topics of interest to your customers and add them into your marketing emails.

Keep on top of news stories and industry issues and add your own take on them, or explain how they will affect your industry – and if you can do that via a link to your blog then you’re helping to send traffic to your website.

Improving your email marketing

You will see from your email open rates which subjects and topics are proving of interest to your customer database, and you will be able to tweak your subject headings accordingly. Emails that aren’t just sales pitches are more likely to be forwarded and shared – much more likely if you are writing about up-to-date subjects or those in the news. Google searches and alerts will  help you find the subjects and stories that are currently being talked about.

Measuring & Testing – Email Marketing

There is still a space for selling in this style of email marketing. Sales information or information about your company can be added after the main “meat” of the email. You will be able to see from click-through rates and open rates if this new email marketing strategy works for you.

One small change could lead to a big increase in open rates on your marketing emails. You will only know if you put measuring and testing measures into place. Always try 2 versions of an email with different subjects – split testing – to a section of your database. You’ll then see which works better in terms of open rates, and you can send that version to the rest of your database.

What changes have you made recently to your email marketing, and what tips would you recommend other companies?



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