Marketing Matters – Should marketers still use direct mail?

Using Direct Mail


Will Direct Mail Get You More Business?



As more marketing moves online, companies may wonder whether direct mail will contribute to winning more business. Central Mailing Services has a great infographic that breaks down UK Direct Mail Statistics for 2013

ROI with Direct Mail

The first stat that rightly jumps out is the ROI for direct mail, at a whopping £4.60, leaving all other methods trailing in its wake. That sort of ROI makes marketers sit up and take notice.  Direct Mail should definitely be part of  a company’s marketing strategy.

Promoting Special Offers

If you have a special offer on, it makes sense to promote it in a variety of different ways for different reasons – social media for shareability, outdoor posters for impact, and direct mail definitely has a place in your marketing strategy here too. Interestingly, rather than consider direct marketing just “junk mail”,

“… 77% of consumers like being informed of special offers via the mail and 70% love direct mail that rewards their loyalty.”

Statistics like that shouldn’t be ignored!

Using Direct Mail for your business

How can your business use direct mail as part of your marketing strategy? How could you make the most impact?  Will you integrate your direct mail with social media to reach more customers? Have you got your call-to-action and how you want your customers to react right? With stats like this, direct mail could reallyhelp you to wow your customers and prospects with your marketing.


Direct Mail Statistics 2013



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