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Making the most of a marketing budget


John Lewis may have spent £7 million on their Christmas The Hare & The Bear campaign, but most companies will be making the most of a smaller marketing budget. Is your company looking for ways to get the maximum marketing from the minimum cost?

Here are a few ideas that can help increase your company’s visibility. Would any of these ideas save your company marketing budgets and bring in customers to your sales funnel?

Write a company blog

Does your business have a company blog? It can give information to your prospects and customers, give helpful tips & advice, tell stories that allow you to build a relationship with your readership and increase the online visibility of your company. It’s great for SEO; the search engines reward sites that provide useful content that is helpful to those searching and so if you get the content right you’rd in good shape.

What can I write about on my company blog?

Are you looking for something different to write about? Here are a few ideas for articles that can be adapted for interesting blog articles

  • Old v New. Is your industry going through a change? Are you offering a new product or service as a business? A blog is a great way to run through the changes and highlight all the benefits to your customer.
  • Golden Rules. Take advantage of all the knowledge you have built up in your industry by writing a “Golden Rule” blog. By helping your customers you’ll build up a great reputation – and a fantastic backlog of articles that people can refer to again and again!
  • Saving. Give customers tips on how to save money and/or time.  Work in some real-world examples of how this worked for you or your customers.

Be creative with your print

If you are looking to update your company marketing materials, consider how you can make them have more impact. Speak to your printer and give them your budget and they should be able to suggest new ways to get more impact with your print for less spend. Remember though, it’s still about the content. Print will do a good job for you if you think about what you need it to achieve at the outset.

Offer something for free

Customers love free gifts. It doesn’t always have to be something tangible either.

Free webinar

You could offer a free webinar where you offer advice and help to your customer. Add in a Q & A session and then send the webinar to your customer afterwards so that they have an easy resource to refer to.

Free ebook

Send a free ebook to your customers. It could be a compendium of blog articles, answers to your customers frequently asked questions or a helpful guide to an issue that affects your customers. If you have received an ebook, what did you like about it? Can you supply something similar to your customers?

Low cost marketing ideas

How has your company made the most of a marketing budget? Do you have any tips or low cost marketing ideas to share?


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