Marketing Matters – Using Telephone Tracking Numbers In Your Marketing

Marketing Matters – Using Telephone Tracking Numbers In Your Marketing

Tracking numbers


Telephone Tracking Numbers


We’ve previously written about creative marketing with catalogues and measuring the sales conversion rate versus online and other methods of attracting sales.  One way of measuring sales conversions is by using tracking numbers as part of your marketing strategy.

Setting up tracking numbers

Here’s how it works – you can buy new telephone numbers that sit alongside your original phone numbers. These don’t have to be 08- numbers, you can purchase local area code numbers if you prefer. With call display and software on your phone systems, these are identified easily by your sales and marketing team, and you’ll know exactly where they are coming from.

Tracking Numbers

First of all, set up different telephone numbers for all your separate print and other marketing. You can have different telephone numbers for

Benefits of tracking numbers

By using all these different numbers businesses are able to see at a glance where business is coming from.  Marketing activity and resources can be moved from one campaign to another easily and quickly as the success rate is calculated. Sales and enquiries that start at an exhibition but come in long after the completion of the show can be tracked correctly -giving you a better understanding of what marketing is working for you.

Tracking numbers can save money on ineffective advertising as businesses will be able to see straight away if the ads they place generate calls and business. You can do more of what works – and less of what doesn’t!

Increasing ROI with tracking numbers

Not only can tracking numbers help with placing prospects in your sales funnel, you will be able to track how many calls lead to business and then to repeat business, but more importantly, you’ll know where they came from. Strategies can be put in place immediately to divert staff and resources to converting sales calls into orders.

Using tracking numbers

Does your business use tracking numbers? How did you see it increase business?

If you haven’t used tracking numbers in the past, will you consider using them in your printed marketing materials in 2018?

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