Marketing Matters – Using your website homepage to get more leads

Designing websites for business

How do you market your company with your website homepage?

More business from your website


We recently revamped our website for business printing and design services. Designed by our in-house team of web designers, we are delighted with the way the site looks. We wanted the website and homepage to be engaging from the very outset, so we thought that for this week’s blog entry we would talk you through our design ideas for the homepage, and more importantly, our thoughts on using your website to get more business leads.

Essentials for a business website homepage

As with all website designs that we work on, we thought very carefully about what we would like visitors to our website to do. We designed with this in mind from the beginning. It helped us keep the homepage uncluttered with ungainly text, so that all the information our website visitor was looking for could be easily found.

Business video on the homepage

Our business video is called, “Technique Print : Bringing your print to life”.  Our friends at Saucy Horse Digital Marketing made us the gorgeous video that can be seen here and on the front page of our site. We have seen an increase in leads and business since we started using this video, so definitely wanted this video on our new website homepage.

Homepage Call To Action

A call to action is a powerful marketing tool. The customer is not confused as to where to go for information on the site as the homepage very clearly lays it out. Whether the customer wants online or offline contact, we have tried to make sure that all options are clear to them. The customer can call us, get a quote or even some free gifts.

Homepage Free Gifts

We love our Really Useful Print Guide, and give these away as free samples to marketing professionals and print buyers. The gift is also mentioned on our Technique Print  Twitter feed quite a lot. Visitors to our homepage can see the free gifts that are offered straight away- a print guide and also some free design ideas. These offers both lead to pages that give more information about the gifts and also a data capture form.

Testimonials from existing customers

Testimonials about good service from current and previous customers are incredibly powerful. We’ve highlighted them twice on our homepage, once prominently and again beside the contact details.

Social media links on website homepage

Twitter and blog feeds on your homepage will supply new content automatically, giving your homepage a fresh feel, as well as fresh content for the search engines to crawl. Great for SEO! It also tells your customer where to find you on the web in other places where they might prefer to engage with you.

Homepage contact us details

It might surprise you that many businesses don’t put contact details where customers can easily find them!

Marketing with your website homepage

Have a look at your website homepage. Is it marketing your business as well as it should – is it ensuring that interested visitors are dropping into your sales funnel? It may not need a total overhaul, maybe just a refresh or addition of social media links – or a business video for your website. What could you do to improve the marketing potential of your homepage?