Marketing Matters – What makes a great print ad campaign?

Picture by Harold Feinstein Photography

Picture by Harold Feinstein Photography


Great print ad campaigns

When planning a marketing campaign, especially when you would like a great print ad campaign that really stands out, pictures are normally commissioned around the theme of the ad. However, in some cases a picture is so perfect that a campaign is planned around the picture.

That was the case in this ad for Turkish radio station Aç?k Radyo, an independent not for profit company.

Posters that work in advertising

The fascinating blog of the photographer, Harold Feinstein, lays out the story of the photograph and how he created the montage. This was in the 50’s – what would now be a simple photoshop job is described in loving detail.

“Once I decided which frames to use I put each in the enlarger, made the necessary crops, and penciled in each frame’s spot on a piece of plain paper, so that the entire montage was traced on one template. Then I took out the photographic paper, went back to each negative, created a mask around all but the line I was developing and did this six times to complete the whole picture.”

Harold Feinstein also talks about why he was happy that the photograph was picked up to be used as an ad.

“It’s my strong conviction that Coney Island is and always will be “the peoples’ playground” — a place where people of all backgrounds come to have a good time. In like spirit, Acik Radyo seeks to empower and encourage the voice of the people through it’s programming and to extend that voice beyond all borders. That’s music to my ears! Wishing them all the best with the campaign”

Creating a print ad

This is a great story of how a picture from the 1950s came to be the modern public face of the radio station. Looking at the picture, it seems hard to imagine that it could be used for anything else- it just shouts music.

When planning your next print marketing campaign, where will you look for inspiration?


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