Marketing Matters – When did you last spring clean your business marketing?

Up-to-date marketing materials


This might not sound as if it has a lot to do with up-to date marketing materials, but stick with me. I was reading an article about decluttering today, and it talked about “The Invisible Spot”. It could be a bedside table, a shelf beside the front door or a corner of the dining room. It’s The Pile where things that haven’t got a home are thrown. Over time it becomes invisible as we are so used to seeing the pile of mess and clutter that we are living with that we ignore it – we just don’t see it. However, it’s the first thing that visitors to the house see. To us, it’s The Invisible Spot; to others seeing it for the first time it’s jarring and just looks like a big mess.

That’s when I started thinking about business marketing materials. When was the last time that you really looked at your business marketing materials and thought about  bit of a spring clean, an update? Have you become so familiar with them that you don’t see what prospective customers see?

Replacing marketing materials

Replacing a full set of marketing materials is a big commitment. It’s good every once in a while to take a look and evaluate how your company looks to others. Is a cohesive image presented across printed marketing, websites, email newsletters, social media, and business stationery?

Business Branding

As marketing has evolved, new platforms and media have been added to the mix of tools available to marketing managers. Minor tweaking at each stage could mean that your Twitter account doesn’t have the same look, colours or style as your letterhead or business card, for example. Check that your business branding is carried over across all your marketing materials and online. If it doesn’t work across everything then you may have to look into commissioning a designer for a new look that will translate – so that your customer knows you wherever they find you!

Online Content

We are not suggesting a new web design from the ground up if that isn’t in your budget, but we do recommend an audit every now and again. Is all the information still up to date, and are all pages still relevant? Does it still accurately reflect the look, feel, and style of your business?

Cleaning up marketing materials

When looking at the design of your printed stationery and marketing materials, it is also good to get rid of all out of date reports, leaflets and brochures. They take up valuable space and the temptation may be to send them out – even though they don’t match your new business design!

It can be all too easy to become comfortable with business stationery and marketing materials. The danger is allowing them to become “The Invisible Spot” of your business.


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