Marketing Tips For Business – Use Your Database to increase your profits

Using Your Database

Use Your Database To Increase Business

What’s going on in your business right now? If you have new developments planned, want to say Thank You to your customers, have a sale coming up, are moving premises, or are expanding, then it’s an exciting time. What benefits are there to your customers – I’m sure they’d like to know. That’s where your database comes in.

Keep Your Business Database Up To Date.

Whenever you speak to a customer ask if you can keep them informed of company news, and add them to your database. Keep it up to date – make sure that you take a note of movements within a company, or of someone moving. Take some time every week to remove bounced email addresses etc. If you receive an extended out of office notification then remove the name from your database and diarise when to replace it. You can also use this as a good reason to send a “Welcome Back” email and re-connect in that way.

Collect Information For Your Database

Make sure that your database contains as much information as is practical.  If, for example, your customers have told you that they are in a managed and serviced unit, it’s pointless sending them details on office furniture. Use database information in a targeted way, in order to get the best response from your emails and social media .

A Well-Managed Database Will Increase Sales

Look after your database and use it intelligently in order to increase sales and react quickly to selling opportunities.  A business selling rock salt can react to forecasts of snow and ice in one area by targeting customers in that area, whether by Direct Mail, Email or Telephone Call.

Keep Customers And Prospects Updated

Even if prospects have not turned into customers, keep their details updated. You should be using intelligent  CRM email campaigns, as well as well thought out direct mail canpaigns to turn prospects into customers over a period of time. If your communications are useful, relevant & interesting (and not just sales missives) you will eventually convert those prospects that need your services into customers.



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