Marketing Tips – How To Set Goals & ensure Your Website is open for business

Marketing Tips For Websites

Your Website – Open For Business?


What goals have you set for your website? A well-designed, intuitive-to-navigate website is key in keeping customers on your site without them giving up in frustration or clicking off because there is too much going on, or even worse, because they don’t find what they expected to. More importantly, it needs to be clear what action you want your visitors to take. Does your website make it clear what the next step is? Are you capturing the email of everyone who visits?

How optimised for SEO is your website? Do you use video on your website to help your chances of getting found on Google? Your website could be a thing of beauty, but if customers can’t find you via search engines ie. you don’t appear on page one of the search results, all your efforts could be for nothing.

These are two very important issues to consider for your company website – here are some others…

Can You Sell Via Your Website?

Does your site include e-commerce? If it does, make it as easy as possible for customers to find what they are looking for and buy in one or two clicks – mega menus are a great way to do this.  Create the best customer experience that you can. Offer alternatives and complementary products to help customers. Increase this into the checkout area by adding “Have You Forgotten?” pictures for items that are normally bought together but haven’t been selected. Supermarkets do this very well – if you have washing powder in the basket they will ask, “Do you need fabric conditioner?” You can also show what other buyers looked at to try and prompt and additional sale.

Capture Leads Via Your Website

Make sure that your website includes ways for customers and prospects to leave their information. Offer something useful & relevant – an ebook, or helpful information for instance,  to encourage customers to leave their contact information.

Contact Information On Your Website

It sounds simple, but it is a common problem. Contact details are buried on the Contact Us Page, or About Us Page. Your details should be prominent on the front page, and very easy to find elsewhere. This is doubly important if your site isn’t e-commerce – you want your customers and prospects to pick up the phone and contact you. Make it easy for yourself and your customers!

Goals For Your Website

Make sure that you know what you want your website to do for you – how many leads should it generate every day, every month… how many sales should be converted online? Then you can set up tracking and measure results to ensure that your website delivers!

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