Marketing Tips – Learn from others about what would work for your business




New Marketing Ideas

How is your marketing looking? If you are looking for fresh new marketing ideas, why not learn from others? It may sound strange but  if you are looking for something new why not take a look at other people’s work and ideas, and rather than copying , think about the lessons you can learn and how you can adapt them to your business product or service. It’s a great way to learn what works – and what doesn’t! As we get told from a young age – learning should be fun!

Blendtec Product Marketing with viral video

Imagine 11,500,000 people watching your video and seeing with their own eyes how brilliant your product is. That’s exactly what has happened and is still happening for Blendtec, who make blenders. The Blendtec YouTube channel has almost 221,000,000 video views. Yes, I said 221 million! That is powerful marketing of the best sort – advocates for your product or service, sharing your video content via their email and their Facebook page – and spreading the word about your business on your behalf. How could you use online video marketing to increase the shares of your video content? Of course, as content for your social media campaigns, it’ s the best – as the Blendtec MD, Tom Dickinson, will happily attest!

What Makes A Successful Marketing Campaign?

When it comes to a successful marketing campaign, you can of course learn from the negatives as well as the positives. If a company’s marketing makes you sit up and take notice, or throw it in the bin without a second look,  then analyse it.

  • What do you like about the campaign? Tone, style, the offering. Can you adapt any of those to make it truly your own?
  • What don’t you like about the campaign? How would you improve it?
  • What media are they using and will it reach your target audience? Direct mail leaflets & flyers, company brochures, video brochures, outdoor advertising on banners and bus stops? What will work for you?

What Makes You Buy A Product?

Think of the last time you bought a product or dealt with a company. Take on what impressed you and helped you make that final decision and see how you can adapt that or put your own twist on it.  Ask yourself,  what would make people want to buy your product – and how will the marketing help you?

Don’t Copy Others!

You can still take ideas away without copying others marketing. The marketing should inspire you into making tweaks and improvements, or may even take you in a different direction to avoid being like a piece of marketing material that you disliked.

Everyone takes inspiration from others, and there’s a big difference between “inspired by” and “copied from” but take a little bit more time and craft your marketing into something truly yours and it will become original. After all, the Sydney Opera House was inspired by sails on a boat!


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