Marketing Tips – Printed thank-you cards : Building a loyal customer base by saying Thank You!

Marketing Tips

It’s good business!

It’s all too easy, and we are all guilty of it. We dash off a quick Thank You by text, email or Twitter, where it’s received, appreciated – then promptly lost in amongst all the other messages that bombard us on a daily basis. How much nicer to receive something concrete – a printed thank-you card for instance.

Thank yous are essential – there’s a reason this is one of the first things that we pass on to children. It’s good to let people know that their efforts are appreciated.

Business Etiquette

Taking the time to show that you have noticed them will make you stand out in the business world – and possibly inspire even more help or business from the person receiving the card. It’s good business etiquette as well.

Of course, this is useless unless you are genuine in your reason for sending the cards. If you have received a referral or recommendation, always send a thank you card for this – word of mouth recommendations are so valuable in business.

As long as the thanks are genuine and sincere, printed thank you cards are a low cost and easy way to build a great relationship with your clients.

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