Marketing Tips – Using Direct Mail

Direct Mail


Direct Mail marketing


Today’s marketing tip – using Direct Mail. I know – big surprise, eh? A printer that loves Direct Mail. As big a surprise as turkey farmers loving Christmas and the joy that a chocolatier has for Easter 😉

However, we know that Direct Mail isn’t just about putting something lovely in an envelope, or putting a stamp on an equally lovely postcard or leaflet and cutting out the envelope altogether.

Thought has to go into the process even before the brief for the design is started. There needs to be a measurable return for you on all your marketing efforts and direct mail should be no different.

Who are you selling to?

Ensure your direct mail piece will resonate with the person who receives it. You want them to pick up your leaflets, your brochure, read it and pass it on, or act on it – so make it useful & relevant. Make sure you tell the recipient how you will solve their problem, answer their needs, make their lives better (so you better have thought that through in the first place!)  Keep your database lists up to date to make sure that you are sending your direct mail to the right audience in the right places.

Call to action

Make your call to action a strong one, and ask the recipient to do what you want them to do! Ensure that you compel your buyers to take action. It requires some thought – but it’s the only way you can make sure your Direct Mail Marketing is a success.

Direct Mail works

Direct Mail works best when it has a strong message, is well thought out and goes to the relevant people. Tie Direct Mail in with your other marketing channels – print media, social media, advertising etc and you will see excellent results from a combination of your Marketing Pillars.



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