Packaging design – is this the reason why yours isn’t getting noticed?

Packaging design – is this the reason why yours isn’t getting noticed?

Is your packaging design being noticed?

Packaging design is your product’s calling card. It’s the thing that makes it stand out from all your competitors on the shelf. It’s the way you initially connect with your potential customers. To make the very best impression, it’s vital that you work with expert packaging printers. A great way to get packaging inspiration is to look at what other companies are doing. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to packaging design to help you create a truly standout piece of packaging for your product range.

Eye Tracking – working for you?

Purchase decisions are purely instinctive and reactive. According to eye-tracking studies, consumers read on average only seven words in an entire shopping trip, buying instinctively by colour, shape and familiarity of location. Best sellers succeed by appealing to the reptilian brain; which decides before logic has a chance.

Instinctive reactions can be generated by packaging design using Biomotive Triggers. These are sensory cues that affect our subconscious, generating emotion and action before the conscious part of our brain can respond.

‘What’s in it for me’ for your customers?

Every brand must be able to express this clear and unique reason for being. Effective packaging design makes it easy to understand at a glance how and why this product is relevant to your customer’s life. Naturally, the product has to deliver on its promise to ensure repeat purchase and brand advocates.

Here’s our packaging design for Disney…

packaging design

This packaging we printed for cupcake making kits is a great example of how companies can leverage a great brand as part of their packaging design. For this product the packaging is key. The client knew that the key was to create packaging that would stand out on a supermarket shelf. This was achieved by using familiar characters, logos and eye-catching colours.

We have plenty of packaging design case studies and we’ve learnt a lot along the way. Our expert design team have shared their most important learnings on their journey.

1) Stand out from the crowd.

You need to make your brand the consumer’s signpost to the category. Just covering the shelf and shouting louder than everyone else won’t cut it. You need a point of orientation on the package that draws a shopper’s eye and communicates the essence of the proposition.

2) Be Simple.

Simple design is more effective. In a busy, visually expansive market, we so rarely experience moments of visual or auditory calm that we gravitate toward it.

3) Create iconic assets.

The best packaging creates a series of visual equities, a sort of tool kit that can be transferred to every form of consumer communication. Coke is the master of this. The brand has an array of assets – the agitated red, the dynamic contour wave, the iconic bottle shape and the logo typography – that can all be used to help amplify the brand experience.

If you’d like to discuss things in depth and see some more examples of our packaging design then please feel free to contact us. We’d be delighted to send you examples of our work and talk through how we can help.

P.S. Before you finalise your packaging design, take a look at our free print guide. Our print guide has everything you need to help you choose which materials and finishes you want to use for your product packaging. It includes various coated & uncoated paper samples. We’ve also thrown in all of the specialist printing finishes that we can apply. These include the latest laminates and varnishes. Sign up for your free Really Useful Print Guide today.