Planning print campaigns that deliver leads

Planning print campaigns that deliver leads

Great print ads catalogues

Planning print campaigns that work


We love all kinds of print – posters, catalogues, print advertising – and we appreciate print ads and print campaigns that include a printed catalogue that make people sit up and notice.

Harley Davidson Book Club

303Lowe, an agency in Sydney, were asked to produce a campaign by Harley Davidson to promote a catalogue launch. This was the new Harley Motor Accessories catalogue.

Harley-Davidson book club


From “Campaign Brief”

“Matt Clarke, head of business management at 303Lowe: “We wanted to find a unique and interesting way to tell our consumers the new catalogue had arrived.  The idea was to create a twist on a traditional book club night, done in a Harley style.”

Says David Turney, Harley-Davidson sales & marketing manager – P&A, GM, Service: ” The yearly release of a new catalogue is a very big deal in the Harley community so for this edition we wanted an idea that kept the Harley-Davidson flavour intact while having a bit of fun with the way our customers interact.  That’s the Harley Book Club”.

 The ad has also been featured on Best Print of the Week

Catalogues and Print

Harley-Davidson book cluB 1

This ad is being seen far outside its original chosen target audience and is being shared by many across the social platforms. A great print ad will be shared online if it’s made available across the social media campaign, furthering its reach and the visibility of your products and services.

Catalogues for business

It also shows that even in this online age with beautifully designed websites there is still a place for print and print catalogues. Especially for aspirational and hobby catalogues, where fans, collectors and purchasers can spend time reading the catalogue, sharing it around and deciding what to buy from the catalogue. It has a longevity and a presence in the now, that online advertising and presence can never have.

Print and marketing

Great print, great design and creativity all work together to promote your company. Both online and offline, they all work together for your marketing message. What are your favourite examples of print campaigns done well?

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