Print campaigns – gaining interest for your products using print

print campaigns

Eyecatching print campaigns


We love seeing a great piece of print that really gets a marketing message across. One of our favourites in recent print campaigns was the one that included these Harley Davidson catalogues – we discussed it in October 2013.

print campaigns catalogues

It also shows that even in this online age with beautifully designed websites there is still a place for print and print catalogues. Especially for aspirational and hobby catalogues, where fans, collectors and purchasers can spend time reading the catalogue, sharing it around and deciding what to buy from the catalogue. It has a longevity and a presence in the now, that online advertising and presence can never have.”

Printing and return on investment

Of course, it doesn’t matter how great your print marketing campaign is if you are not seeing any return on investment. Tracking numbers can make sure that your print campaigns are generating results.

Not only can tracking numbers help with placing prospects in your sales funnel, you will be able to track how many calls lead to business and then to repeat business, but more importantly, you’ll know where they came from. Strategies can be put in place immediately to divert staff and resources to converting sales calls into orders.”

Print campaigns and opt-in marketing

Innovative print marketing campaigns get people talking, like this direct mail campaign by Zurich.

“Zurich had a mailing list of customers who had indicated that they did not want to hear about other products and services – a massive missed opportunity for cross-selling. How could they get them back? Zurich case history on Royal Mail.

Zurich sent their customers a blank letter – so simple!

“Customers were sent a blank letter. No sales message, no copy, just a signature. And attached to this blank piece of paper was a reply card that told the recipient: “Actually, we’ve got lots to tell you about. But we can’t say anything until you tick this box.” At last – a box that’s difficult to resist ticking!”

Did they improve opt-in marketing rates?

“An unprecedented 7% ticked the box and sent back the reply card. An impressive number, considering the industry average is 4.7% and that Zurich was talking to an audience who had already stated they didn’t want a conversation.

The success didn’t stop there. When prospects were mailed a first speculative Connect cross-sell campaign, the response rate of the ‘opted back in’ cell was 3.5% versus 0.3% for the standard speculative cell. It even outstripped the renewal dated cell which responded at 2.5%.”

Designing your next print campaign

Print can be bold, classic, subtle, crazy, understated – whatever you want your print to say about your company. See the difference that a different finish or paper weight can make to your print campaigns with our Really Useful Print Guide – it’s like having an expert in printing right there at your desk!