Print Case Study : Printed Packaging for The Pet Medicine Company

Printed packaging

A guide to printed packaging

First impressions matter and you only get one chance to make them. That’s why the printed packaging that you use for your products is so important. The average supermarket now stocks over 25,000 lines, each vying for attention from increasingly busy shoppers. How can you make sure your product stands out from the crowd and grabs their attention? That’s the challenge that The Pet Health Company faced when it came to marketing their new line of flea treatments for dogs. They needed high quality packaging that would make an immediate impact on their potential customers, either in a store or online.

What does the product do?

Printed packaging

What’s the first thing you notice when you look at the packaging above? Is it immediately clear what the product does and what the benefits are? Whatever you’re packaging it’s essential that the printed packaging quickly conveys the benefits of your product. What does it do and how will it make your customers’ lives better? You have only a very limited amount of time to convey this so The Pet Health Company has decided to cover its packaging with bold pictures and text. They’ve used blank space to their advantage and avoided covering the box with superfluous information. The packaging is simple and a consumer can quickly identify which box they need for their particular dog.

Making your mind up

printed packaging info

Another key consideration is how much your product packaging will stand out from its competitors. In the case of flea treatments for dogs most products tend to fill the front of their boxes with small text explaining the features of the product. By choosing bold fonts, white space and a striking colour scheme The Pet Health Company has made sure that its products will stand out from the crowd of alternatives on any supermarket shelf. When you’re designing a new piece of product packaging it’s essential to consider what packaging your competitors use and how you will stand out from them. The worst thing you can do is blend into the background.

How does it feel?

The feel of your packaging is almost as important as the design.  Apple for instance has gone to to great lengths in the past to ensure that its packaging feels like a premium product in the hand, and other manufacturers in the tech space are rapidly following suit. You can do this by using unusual types of cardboard or other packaging materials. Consider using holographic or ridged packaging so that you really stand out from your competitors. You also have options such as rubber feel and soft touch finishes – you can find examples of these paper types in our free Really Useful Print Guide.

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