Aligning your print marketing with your digital marketing

Aligning your print marketing with your digital marketing

Print marketing

Print marketing – meet digital…

Print marketing and digital marketing are much like cake and ice cream. Each is good by itself, but when integrated together, they’re a great combination. Print marketing and digital marketing are not separate entities, but cogs in the same wheel. In this digital world, people are perpetually glued to their phones, tablets or computer screens. However, they still pay plenty of attention to print marketing – which is why you should align your print marketing with your digital marketing. Combining print marketing with your digital efforts is a tasty recipe – as the strategy consistently serves up the best response rate, conversion rate and, the marketer’s Nirvana – ROI (Return on Investment)

Print & Digital go hand in hand

Print is still a viable and profitable form of advertising and can do wonders for your brand recognition. Print marketing can include any physical piece of marketing collateral that consumers can touch, feel and see. This extends to Annual Reports, Booklets, Brochures, Business StationeryBusiness Cards and even Video Brochures.

In order to craft an integrated strategy of traditional and digital marketing, then you’ll need to understand your customers and their path to purchase. The customer journey isn’t what it used to be. There’s no longer just one path that a consumer follows to make a purchase. The first task then, is to create customer personas that will help you understand what your message should be to each group.

There are as many paths as there are types of customer. It’s unlikely that someone will make the decision to buy after seeing only one piece of marketing from you. This is why it’s so critical that all of your marketing, print or digital, works well together like a well oiled machine, helping you achieve your business objectives.

Grabbing their attention

Grabbing the attention of potential and existing consumers with print isn’t easy. You’ll need creative print ideas and a good understanding of how print marketing can be tracked alongside digital marketing tracking. If you have absolute clarity on what is giving you the best results in terms of your marketing spend you can do more of what works – and stop doing what doesn’t.

Aligning your print marketing with your digital marketing can definitely become a winning formula for any company. The two combined will give you the both of best worlds, a mix that is impactful, effective and delivers customers into your sales funnel.

How do you currently use digital tracking tools alongside your print marketing? Is it something you need to consider?