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Business Cards

Business cards for your company


Are you thinking of updating or ordering business cards for your company? How are your current  business cards looking?  If you have seen some recent TV ads for a mass printing company, you may be thinking of ordering new business cards. Although price may be a large factor, think carefully about quality – after all this is may be the first introduction that a prospective customer has to your company. First impressions are important.

Here’s a digest of previous blog posts on business cards in one handy post!

5 promotional printed must-haves for an exhibition


“Absolutely essential, the business card is the icebreaker of the exhibition world. Think of ways to make yours stand out – after all your prospective customer will be collecting business cards from every stand they visit.  If the show is a big one and you are expecting a lot of visitors, consider doing a special print run incorporating the graphics of the exhibition – reminding your customer where you met.  “

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How to Make your Marketing Personal


“We are seeing more and more businesses using their business cards for brand marketing in a different way. Companies are adding information to the back of the card, spoofing their own product packaging or adding pictures. It all adds up to getting their business cards remembered and noticed.”

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How to make the most of your business cards


“Make sure your business card is punchy and interesting. Use colour and invest in having a good business logo designed. Few people are going to take much interest in the plain white card with Bob the plumber written across it in a Times New Roman – how can you make sure your contact will keep your business card long enough to go and visit your website for instance? Think about the print finishes and weight of card or paper you can use. “

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