Printing Property Particulars – how do yours match up?

Printing Property Particulars – how do yours match up?

Property Particulars – the low down


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Printing property particulars is a part of every good estate agents’ marketing life. Property particulars are a key part of getting yout potential buyers interested in a property. Most people search an estate agents website thoroughly when looking to buy a home – but a website can only say so much.

Emotion plays a big role in the buying of a new house. The property particulars play a key part in persuading a prospective buyer to view or otherwise. They prompt the buyer to take the next step from their initial interest. The quality of your property particulars could be the difference between simply liking the look of a property to deciding to book a viewing.

Property brochure – a key element?

A picture of a property can build in the mind’s eye of a potential buyer within seconds. The old saying is that you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. That seems so accurate when it comes to property particulars. Therefore, a quality property brochure is essential. Don’t waste this opportunity!

We look at the six main reasons why property particulars may not always do the best job for you –

1. Too many facts!

Of course, it is important to include as many facts about the property as possible. However, a potential buyer will not buy a house on the basis of how many electric sockets it has. They want to know about the character, about the nuances that make the house so lovable.

2. No way to get in touch

A surprising number of property particulars forget to make it crystal clear how to get in touch with the agent. There are so many ways to get in touch these days – be it email, phone, website or social media. Make sure it’s clear how you’d like to hear from your prospective buyers!

3. I can’t see!

One major mistake of property particulars is to include a header photo and then just back this up with small photos. Include more than one large photo. If a house has something unique or something that makes it stand out, show it off!

4. What IS that?

It is important to use good quality photos in your property particulars. Photos that are in poor light, or have lens flare are a big no-no! It is important to show the property in its best light. It’s a very good thing to show it being lived in, but it is important that it is tidy and decluttered.

5. No floor plan – no idea

A floor plan gives an essential piece of information when it comes to deciding why you may or may not buy a house. A lot of estate agents may include this on a website or their property particulars. Why does it have to be one or the other? Make sure you get a good quality floor plan on your brochure.

6. You don’t include a map

The thing that sells a house, perhaps more than the house itself, is its location. We’ve all heard the saying ‘location, location, location’! There are two excellent reasons for making a fuss of a map in your property particulars: firstly, to help people find the properly, and secondly to show off the area the property is situated in.

Printing Property Particulars

 At Technique Print, we offer expert advice on printing property particulars from start to finish. We can talk you through the design and print process. We can help you maximise the potential of this very important cog in the property sales wheel!

If you’d like to talk to one of our print experts about your property particulars then get in touch with us today. We’d be delighted to help you…