3 Tips for Creating Effective Exhibition Banners

Do your exhibition banners really stand out?


Eye-Catching Exhibition Banners

Regardless of how good your products or services are you still need something to grab the attention of passers by when you’re in a busy exhibition space …

Planning print campaigns that deliver leads

Planning print campaigns that deliver leads

Planning print campaigns that work


We love all kinds of print – posters, catalogues, print advertising – and we appreciate print ads and print campaigns that include a printed catalogue that make people sit …

Marketing Matters – How does your Marketing answer your customers’ questions?

Marketing to answer your customer’s questions


Everything that companies do in terms of effective marketing, from the very first ideas that are kicked around, to the campaign activity that results from that, depends on how well …

Marketing : The importance of colour in your print

Marketing tips


Why do you feel like picking up and reading one brochure and not another? Why do some bill board posters grab your attention whilst others pass you by? Why do you stay on one …

5 Great Marketing Tips for SMEs



5 great Tips for SME Marketing


If you are running an SME, you are interested in many things we’re sure when it comes to your business, but today we are concentrating on just 5 Marketing tips …

More Tips on How to Make your Marketing Personal – & boost the results!

Personalise your marketing


I hope the last blog post on https://www.techniqueprint.co.uk/blog/quick-tips-on-how-to-make-your-marketing-personal-boost-the-results” target=”_blank”>marketing tips helped you make your marketing more personal. If it inspired you, here are a few more tips.

Write A Business Book

Why not aim high, …