Video Brochures – how to combine video & print for maximum impact

video brochures

Being unique is what sets you apart!

Video brochures can help increase brand exposure and they offer a truly unique approach to engage with potential or existing customers. Video brochures are unusual, impressive and innovative, and in this day and age you need to stand out.  If you’re aiming to impress your customers or clients – here’s the way to do it!

Put simply – people prefer video.

When it comes to marketing your brand, video brochures provide ultimate versatility. Video brochures give you the power to share information, launch services, showcase products, advertise events and gather leads. You name it, video brochures can do it!

What is a video brochure?

The outside may look like any other brochure, but upon opening, the brochure features an embedded screen which plays a video. Since videos capture the attention of an individual more than pictures and text can; you’ll increase your chances of your prospect responding to your call to action.

Now there is no denying that both print advertising and online marketing can be very effective ways of marketing your business; but imagine the impact they can have when they’re combined.

Want to impress your customers?

Our supplier Saucy Horse Video, produces tremendous videos for websites and businesses. (They produced the video on our homepage). Saucy Horse produced a short video for a client of theirs who then wanted to show it off at an exhibition to gain new business. The video could be shown on a TV screen or laptop, but Advanced Interior Solutions wanted something a bit different – and that’s when Saucy Horse came to us with their ideas for producing great video brochures.

With the use of glossy card stock and an attention grabbing design,  Saucy Horse put together a video brochure that fulfilled all the requirements of the client brief. The video brochures are eye-catching, tactile, and they are a great piece of marketing collateral.

Combining both high quality video and print in a way that can be placed directly into the hands of your target audience is about as good as it gets!

Make it beautiful inside and out

Lets not forget that the print of the brochure is just as important as the video. Grabbing attention with print has proven quite hard work in the advertising industry, so we thought we’d make it easier for you. We’ve developed a Really Useful Print Guide that does exactly what it says on the can. It’s a multi page guide full of touchy feely print finishes for you to get your hands on – sounds really useful, doesn’t it? Even better, it’s free! You can get it here –

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