Video Brochures – using print to show off your video

video brochures


Video brochures

Print is print and digital is digital and never the twain shall meet, right? Wrong! We love finding ways to wow our customers with the fusion of all types of marketing and we think that these video brochures really will impress.

Case study for video brochures.

Our supplier & client, Saucy Horse Video, produces fantastic short videos for websites and businesses. (They produced the video on our homepage as well which we love and have had lots of compliments about – and new business too which is what we all want!) They produced a short video for a client of theirs who then wanted to show it off at an exhibition and use it to gain new business.

The video could be shown on a TV screen or laptop, but Advanced Interior Solutions wanted something a bit different – and that’s when Saucy Horse came to us with their ideas for producing great video brochures.

Eyecatching video brochures.

With the use of glossy card stock and eyecatching design, Saucy Horse put together a video brochure that fulfilled all the requirements of the client brief. We know that print marketing and digital marketing can meld together perfectly, and this project definitely proved it! The video brochures are beatiful, tactile, and are a great piece of marketing.

Print marketing and digital marketing

Video brochures aren’t the only item where print and digital marketing joins to create something interesting, innovative, and fun! We’ve moved past the days when the only integration between print and digital was throwing a website address on the bottom of a letterhead.  Landing pages, QR codes, and enriched content mean that print and digital work alongside and supplement each other beautifully.

Digital is no longer seen as a replacement for printing. Printing is evolving and moving forward to stay relevant and make sure that all marketing campaigns are as engaging as possible- which means that everyone wins, especially those companies who are leveraging the technology to drive sales!