What is litho printing? When litho printing is better for your business.

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Litho Printing


If you are thinking of using litho print in your business materials you may have some questions. Here we’ll explain what litho printing is and the benefits of litho printing when it comes to your business.

What is Litho Printing?

Lithographic printing operates on the basic principle that oil and water don’t mix. The surface to be printed is flat;  the printing surface is treated so that the image areas attract the oil-based inks and the plain areas repel the ink. Bring the printed and the printing surface together and you have your image.

The process was invented by Alois Senefelder in 1796. He took a smooth piece of limestone, placed an oil-based image on it then added a solution of gum arabic. The gum stuck only to the non-oily parts of the stone and during the printing, water stuck to the gum arabic and left the oily surfaces alone. Lithography printing was the first printing technology that created prints that could recreate a painting with detail, colour tints and mood.

The Benefits of Litho Printing

Litho printing is very versatile. It can be used for newspapers, leaflets, brochures, programmes, catalogues, stationery, books, letterheads, magazines, direct mail promotional material, coupons, packaging and image reproduction.

Low Cost of Litho Printing

The main expense of litho printing comes from the set-up costs. As the quantity of print required goes up then the unit cost of each page printed goes down so for commercial quantities of high quality print, litho print is the most cost-effective method of printing

Speed of Litho Printing

Most sheet-fed litho presses can print both sides of the paper simultaneously, which cuts down on the time taken to print

Versatility of Litho printing

Any length of print run can be accommodated using litho printing. Litho presses can be used on a wide variety of surfaces – not just paper but even cloth, plastic, wood, metal and leather. The printed sheet passes through the press on a cushion of air which guarantees no marking of the print.

Benefits of Litho Printing for Business

With the reduced waste and extremely fast set up times, litho printing all comes at a very affordable price. Quality and value for money – the perfect combination. There are times when a digital printing technique will be better for your project. We are always happy to advise on what will work best and be most cost effective for any print project.



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