What’s On In Banbury – Santa Is In Banbury!

What's On Christmas In Banbury

Christmas In Banbury – Santa Is Here!

Banbury is in festive mood – in fact Santa is here already!

Yes, from now until Tuesday 20th December, Santa is taking time away from his workshop in the North Pole (those elves must be well-trained by now!) to tour around Banbury, collecting for local charities and good causes. He’s helped by the volunteers of Banbury and Banbury Cross Round Table.

Where Can You See Santa In Banbury This Christmas

If you want to see Santa and his float, here are the dates and times of where you can see him.

  • Sun 2nd Dec 6pm – 9pm Easington
  • Mon 3rd Dec 6pm – 9pm Cherwell Heights
  • Tue 4th Dec 6pm – 9pm Lower Hardwick
  • Wed 5th Dec 6pm – 9pm Park Road
  • Thu 6th Dec 6pm – 9pm Bloxham
  • Fri 7th Dec 6pm – 9pm Warwick Road
  • Sat 8th Dec 6pm – 9pm New (South) Grimsbury
  • Sun 9th Dec 2pm – 9pm Bretch Hill
  • Mon 10th Dec 6pm – 9pm Timms Estate
  • Tue 11th Dec 6pm – 9pm Old (North) Grimsbury
  • Wed 12th Dec 6pm – 9pm Ruscote
  • Thu 13th Dec 6pm – 9pm Bankside
  • Fri 14th Dec 6pm – 9pm Adderbury
  • Sat 15th Dec 6pm – 9pm Drayton, Wroxton, North Newington
  • Sun 16th Dec 5pm – 9pm Hanwell Fields
  • Mon 17th Dec 6pm – 9pm Queensway
  • Tue 18th Dec 6pm – 9pm Upper Hardwick
  • Wed 19th Dec 6pm – 9pm Bodicote
  • Tue 20th Dec 6pm – 9pm Waller Drive

Lots of places to catch up with Santa around Banbury and the surrounding villages. You can leave a donation and maybe get some wise words from the big man himself! All the helpers with Santa are volunteers, so that’s more of the money raised that will go directly to local good causes in Oxfordshire.

Here at Technique Print, we’re hoping that we’ve been good this year, and that our letter to Santa will be well received. We’ve already bought the carrot for Rudolph!

Have you started your Christmas festivities in your business?




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