When choosing the Best Printers & Print Suppliers – Ask are they FSC certified? What is the FSC Mark?

What is the FSC Mark?


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In these days when everyone is trying to be more environmentally conscious in areas of business, we can all do our bit to help.  When ordering print you can do that by making sure that all print and paper is FSC certified – but what does that actually mean?

FSC Certification

Throughout the 80s and 90s the public became more concerned about the results of deforestation around the world. As a result of this the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) was set up in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.

“The Forest Stewardship Council’s “tick tree” logo is used on product labels to indicate whether products are certified under the FSC system. When you see the FSC logo on a label you can buy timber and other wood products, such as paper, with the confidence that you are not contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests”

Why should you choose a printer that is FSC certified?

“The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) offers a solution which enables [printers] to demonstrate, through independent certification, that the paper products you sell or use in your business come from well managed sources and exclude the risk of using illegally logged timber or funding conflict. It also gives options for maximising the use of post-consumer recycled paper.”

Whether your company has made an environmental, ethical or marketing decision to be more green, using a printer that can supply FSC verified papers and that has the CoC (Chain of Custody) certificate can brand your product with the FSC Mark.

Why is the CoC certificate important?

From the FSC website

A Chain of Custody (CoC) certification verifies that a product contains wood from a certified forest, sometimes including other controlled forest sources or post-consumer waste. Every organisation which forms a link in the supply chain needs its own CoC certificate, if the publication or product is to include the FSC logo, or any claim that the paper is FSC certified.

A small change can make a big difference – buying print from responsible print suppliers won’t cost you more and you’ll be saving the trees!

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